About Andesite Stone Tiles and Type of Andesite Stone Indonesia

Andesite Stone Tiles Indonesia is Famous Stone Tiles in the World. Andesite Stone Indonesia has special characteristic from Other Natural Stone Tiles. Andesite Stone Indonesia was form by High Temperature in Volcanoes Location. With Form By High temperature make Andesite Stone Indonesia can Survive for Long time, from all condition and has greater hardness.
Grey Andesite Stone Tiles
Commonly Andesite Stone Tiles has two color, They are Dark Grey and Black color. Black Basalt Andesite has many type like Black Basalt Stone Tiles, Grey Andesite Stone, Black Spot Andesite, etc. In this Article, we will tell you three famous Andesite Stone Type from Indonesia. Commonly Andesite Stone tiles has same thickness and Material but has little different Substance and Texture make Andesite Stone Tiles has Different Color. Different Andesite was Found in different Volcanoes Location from Java, Indonesia. There are three famous Andesite Stone Indonesia :

1. Grey Andesite Stone Indonesia (Grey Basalt)

Grey Andesite Stone Indonesia is greater Andesite Stone Tiles. We can Found Grey Andesite Stone Indonesian in Java, Indonesia. Grey Andesite Stone Tiles has Little Black Spot with Elegant Dark Grey Color. Grey andesite very Great to applied for Wall, Floor. etc. This Great Andesite can Finsihing to many Size and Shape. with Right Finishing and Size coresponding with Design, we will get Grater Design for Our Building.
Grey Andesite Stone Sawn Cut

2. Black Spot Andesite Basalt Stone Indonesia

Andesite Stone with Black Spot has more Black Spot from Grey Andesite Stone Indonesia. Andesite Black spot Stone Indonesia is great for Design need black Spot Tiles. We can Found Andesite with Black Spot Stone Indonesia in Luxury and Comercial Building like Hotel, Mall, Office, etc. This Look Amazing applied Black Spot Andesite for Our Building. We can Applied Andesite Blackspot For Wall, Pool Deck, Pool tiles, Floor, Stairs, etc.
Black Spot Andesite Honed

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